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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Veronique featured in The LA Weekly Online coverage of Comic Con!

It was a true delight to participate in The Steampunk Meet Up & Official Guinness Book Of World Records shoot to document the largest group photo of steampunks on the planet! The official from TGBOWR took a census as we assembled for the photo, but did not share his tally with us. We'll have to wait until the "real" photo is published. For now, here is one shot by Jerry Abuan:

(I am the woman in red & black, wearing a feathered neck piece & with goggles on my hat, who appears just over the right shoulder of the grinning gent in the tan-colored vest, who is holding the blue and white framed certificate of authenticity along with the woman in the fabulous steampunked wheelchair!)

I also received notice in The LA Weekly, for my role as MC and performer in The League of Temporal Adventurers First Society Gala @ Queen Bee's, on the Saturday night of Comic Con. Featuring Voltaire, UXG, The Hoop Unity & The Slow Poisoner. Members of The League of STEAM (who are in the front row on the right side of the railing in the above photo) were on hand to mix and mingle, as were the four members of Steam Powered Giraffe.

All in all, it was an excellent foray for my first-ever Comic Con!

Here is the link to The LA Weekly coverage of Comic Con Day 3 (Saturday):


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