Maurice Chevalier said, "Thank Heaven for little girls," & Veronique Chevalier says, "Thank Hell for La Moi!"
She's a twisted Edith Piaf from an alternate reality; Parodist; Creatrix of Gothic Polka,
& Inventrix of Steampunk Haiku, aka "Steamku."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

* Veronique To Appear @ The First Annual Seattle Steam Con!

Excitement is afoot. I will keep vous posted about updates pertaining to my appearance at The First Annual Seattle Steam Con, Oct. 23- 25, where I have the honor to perform with Seth Bedford @ Mr. Bodewell's Cabaret.

Chrononaughts, aviators, tinkerers, scientists and steampunk enthusiasts! You are invited to a wondrous event. A weekend of science, fantasy, romance and adventure of the future past. Tea, robots and cabaret await you. The honour of your presence is requested at this humble steamposium.

The organizers are working hard on creating a steampunk symposium of the highest caliber in the resplendent Pacific Northwest October 23-25 2009 at the Seattle Airport Marriott.

Author Guest of Honor: Tim Powers
Artist Guest of Honor: Paul Guinan
Musical Guests of Honor: Abney Park

So, to what can you look forward?
• A Vendor’s Bazaar packed with exotic wares
• An Art Exhibition
• The Perpetual Teatime and Hospitality suite
• The Magic Lantern Theater
• Talks and discussions on all matters steampunk
• Gun modification demonstrations
• Lessons in etiquette
• Steam technology exhibitions
• Games and diversions of a role playing nature
• Cabaret acts presented by the esteemed Mr. Bodewell
• And much more to be announced…

Including several limited capacity events such as High Tea with a Fashion Show, and a special concert!

More details as things are finalized!

Monday, June 22, 2009

* Veronique Compared to a cross between Nina Hagen & Tiger Lillies!

Merci beaucouop to Russian filmmaker Taras Popov (Experimentum Crucis) for comparing moi to a cross between Tiger Lillies & Nina Hagen!

He is interested in possibly making a video some of my music! Please stop by his YouTube page and show him some love and encourage him to work with moi.