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Thursday, February 25, 2010

* Veronique's Music Featured on Horror Addicts Podcast #036!

Horror Addicts #036


Horror Addicts Episode# 036
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Saints Of Ruin
Featured Author: Henry Snider
Featured Music: Veronique Chavalier
Featured Movie: Jeepers Creepers, 2001

***THEME: FRANKENSTEIN*** Line - up:
| Jeepers Creepers | House of Frankenstein Museum | Frankie Quiz |
| Frankie Favs | Frankenstein Novel | The Dreamer's Thread | Twilight Con |
| Triolgy of Blood | The Dark Clan | Alice - Burton Style | DarkWoods Con |
| Stellercon | Gothla | Skinnie Mag Top 100 | Malice In Wonderland | Masquerade Ball |
| Podioracket Anthology | The Gothic Coven | Frankie Fashion | Walpurgis Shop |
| Veronique Chevalier | Saints of Ruin | Don't Fall Asleep | I HEART Vampires |
| Monster Poll | Night's Knights Iphone App | Borrowed Time | Henry Snider |

Full show notes available at
Emerian Rich:
HA Forum:
Saints Of Ruin:
Taping held live @ Quills, A Place For Writers on Second Life, 22 Gutenberg Alley, Book Island:
Check out Costume winners ~ Llud & Ariel Check out pics:

***FILM: Jeepers Creepers, 2001 ~ Knightmist review
***House of Frankenstein Museum! ~ Audrey

FRANKENSTEIN novel by Mary Shelley
Real-life Frankenstein who inspired SF ~ Emz
BOOKS: Frankenstein Series Koontz/Anderson, The Last Nazi Life and Times of Joeseph Mengele by Gerald Astor
MOVIES: Young Frankenstein, Edward Scissorhands, Weird Science, Frankenstein, Frankenstein Unbound
ANIME: Frankenstein cartoon 1983, Scooby-Doo, Frankenberry!
TV: Lurch, Herman Munster, Van Helsing, Abbott & Costello version?
MANGA: Embalming: The other tale of Frankenstein

Frankenstein Full Text With Recording

The Dreamer's Thread by Starla Hutchson

EVENTS Audrey & Henry
Official Twilight Convention - Dates & Locations Vary
Triolgy of Blood - VA
The Dark Clan - WI
Alice in Wonderland- Burton style
DarkWoods Con - KY
Stellercon - NC
Gothla - CA
Skinnie Mag top 100 - CA
Club Sin - Malice in Wonderland - QC
Masquerade Ball - CT

Rhonda- Anthology

Poe ~ Romance Gothic Coven (FB Group)!/group.php?gid=34006054513&ref=ts

Frankie Fashion ~Emz

Walpurgis & Vampire Shop ~Soul Reaper

Veronique Chevalier ~ Vampire Surprise
***Grave Concerns

***David ~ Listener mail ~ Saints of Ruin praise
***Don't Fall Asleep! ~ Emz
***Best of Horror Vol. 2
***I HEART Vampires
***Monster Poll - VOTE!
***Night's Knights Iphone App!
***Keith Hughes book on Smashwords!

13 Questions with Henry Snider~Sapphire
Thump by Henry Snider
Read by Hollie Snider


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

* Seth's Musical Triumph w/ The Chelsea Symphony, NYC

I had the honor of collaborating on a joint composition with Seth Bedford last year, and the result was a song entitled "Natal Date", which premiered in May 2009 @ The Triad Theatre, NYC, with moi on vocals accompanied by Seth on accordion, with his cabaret ensemble Huxley Vertical:

On February 13th & 14th, 2010 the Chelsea Symphony premiered our work as an instrumental- orchestrated and arranged by Seth- (entitled here "Waltz-Intermezzo") and inserted into a larger work he called "Three Songs for Chansonnier and Orchestra":

Here is an excerpt about his work in "Lucid Culture":

The Chelsea Symphony’s Valentine’s Day Concert 2010
February 16, 2010

"On the scale of holidays to avoid and stay home, Valentine’s Day ranks somewhere below New Year’s Eve but ahead of the Fourth of July. And the V-day concerts around town are a joke: which Holiday Inns in New Jersey do all these no-name performers retreat to after bringing their “Easy Listening for Lovers” shows to the West Village for a little extra pay? Happily, we have the Chelsea Symphony as an antidote to all that. Sunday’s program was a characteristically adventurous, stylistically puddle-jumping treat juxtaposing a world premiere with standards and a welcome rediscovery.

This particular show was front-loaded. Arrangers have been doing orchestral versions of cabaret songs for a century – on the other hand, the debut of Seth Bedford’s Three Songs for Chansonnier and Orchestra proved as notable for its shrewd, witty arrangement, making full use of the ensemble’s voices and textures, as for its tuneful lyricism. Part Brecht/Weill, part Al Jolson, the triptych sandwiched a playful overture between a somewhat noir tribute to dissolution and a ragtimish murder ballad sung from the point of view of the victim. In front of the orchestra, Brent Weldon Reno’s potent baritone resonated with wry, rakish defiance."

To that I add: I predict even greater musical triumphs for Seth in the future!

Lucid Culture: