Maurice Chevalier said, "Thank Heaven for little girls," & Veronique Chevalier says, "Thank Hell for La Moi!"
She's a twisted Edith Piaf from an alternate reality; Parodist; Creatrix of Gothic Polka,
& Inventrix of Steampunk Haiku, aka "Steamku."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Production Stills from Veronique's First Animated Music Video "Internet Date"

Here are a few stills from my new original animated music video "Internet Date" that will be posted on YouTube, at 12:01 am, July 19th! Art & Direction by: Kyle A. Carrozza; Animated by: John Berry; Sound Design by: Jann Castor

Opening Credits- Spoof of my portrait by Justice Howard

Still # 1- Me with The Man In The Moon

Still # 2- Checking "HIM" out on Google

Still # 3- Uh oh!

Still # 4- Unwinding after all my misadventures

Still # 5- Oui! That is The Coin Operated Boy!

 All Images © Veronique Chevalier 2010.

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