Maurice Chevalier said, "Thank Heaven for little girls," & Veronique Chevalier says, "Thank Hell for La Moi!"
She's a twisted Edith Piaf from an alternate reality; Parodist; Creatrix of Gothic Polka,
& Inventrix of Steampunk Haiku, aka "Steamku."

Monday, April 5, 2010

* An Evening Of Steampunkery, Sunday May 2nd

Veronique Chevalier, & Present:

A Red Velvet Evening of Steampunkery & Veronique's Natal Date Celebration
A Vaudeville Extravaganza in Two Acts

Who: All Ages!
Cover: $8
Date: Sunday, May 2nd
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Echo Curio
Address: 1519 Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90029

For your edification and entertainment, I am proud to feature:

* Erica "Unwoman" Mulkey, Cellist, SF, who has toured with Votaire and Rusputina, among others

* Markham The Miracle Man, Sword Swallower & Vaudevillian Extraordinaire, LA

* Weasels Exist, Marauding Lunatic Cabaret Music, LA

* Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers, screening The Doctor's short propaganda films & recruiting for his World Domination Campaign

* Vixen Magdelene - Steamy Burlesque to Dr. Steel's Theme Song-

* Lavendar La Rue - Saucy Victorian Burlesque-

* Tales Of The Extraordinary - Live In Studio Pulp Serial Dramatization-

* Veronique Chevalier, AKA The "Weird Val" of Dark Cabaret, LA

And, of course, moi! Oh and this will be my Official Natal Date Celebration, so there will be cake and bubbly (sparkling cider for non-imbibers and young folk) for all attendees!

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