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Saturday, December 27, 2008

* Happy Natal Day Marlene Dietrich!

Today is the anniversary of the Natal Day of eternal screen icon Marlene Dietrich. She was a bright star in the entertainment firmament, and one of my dearest inspirations.

I shall never forget the delicious, yet naive frisson I experienced when gazing upon her timeless, and gender-bending image from the film "Morroco". Depicted was this enchanting and yet obviously very female creature, sporting a sensuously pluming cigarette with such insouciance, and most delicious of all, with her legs crossed in the most decadently unladylike manner.

I might have been only a kid at that moment (I think I was like 11), but I knew instinctively that whatever it was that she was doing, I wanted to do the same...

Of course there will never be another Dietrich, but her trailblazing ways will be with us always...

Marlene, Dear Goddess, if you still have awareness of we mere mortals down here on Earth, I hoist a slipperful of champagne in your honor!

RIP Marlene Dietrich, Siren of Cinema
Born: December 27 1901 & Died: May 6 1992


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