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Friday, May 13, 2011

* Friday The 13th: Veronique's "Vampire Surprise" Featured on Six Feet Plus Radio!

6’+ (Six Feet Plus) Radio Episode 04:
You Don’t Need A License (To Drive A Stake)

Release Date: May 13th, 2011

The V word. Vampires. Once the inspiration for a thousand Halloween costumes, now they’re the inspiration for a million bad YA novels. But there are those who remember that vampires can be scary. For this episode of 6′+, we salute you, nosferatu.

Vous are cordially commanded to listen at your leisure!

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Listen on the Six Feet Plus website here:

Band: The Vooduo
Song: “Drink Your Blood”
Band: Horror Story
Song: “Vampires…”
Band: The Dark Shadows
Song: “Sleeping With A Vampire”
Band: The Phantom Cowboys
Song: “Transylvanian Girl”
Band: Teenage Bottlerocket
Song: “They Came From The Shadows”
Band: The Dead Next Door
Song: “The Vampire Beast Craves Blood”
Band: The Creeping Cruds
Song: “I, Vampire”
Band: Veronique Chevalier
Song: “Vampire Surprise”
Band: The Brickbats
Song: “Too Many Vampires”
Band: Hola Ghost
Song: “Night of the Vampire”
Band: Famous Monsters
Song: “Vampire Cosmonaut”
Band: The Demon Seeds
Song: “Bloodsucker’s Lament”
Band: Koffin Kats
Song: “A Vampire’s 2084″
Band: Calabrese
Song: “Vampires Don’t Exist”

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