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Thursday, December 17, 2009

* Polka Haunt Us tracks featured on The UK's Eppy Gibbon Podcast

I am most thrilled to report that Polka Haunt Us tracks are now enjoying international exposure.

"Blank Face Goblins" was featured in Episode # 29 -

"Devil's Guitar" was featured in Episode # 36 - "

The Epileptic Gibbon Blog & Podcast is the brainchild of Ian Fairholm, and here is more about him, as stated in the "About Me" section of his MySpace profile:

"...Check out my music podcast show, devoted to the best mixture of independent and small label prog rock, art rock, post rock, prog metal, jazz rock, folk rock, downtempo, chill-out, ambient electronica, IDM, chamber pop, and experimental/avant garde music. If you're an artist/band and would like your music to be featured on the show then let me know via the usual routes. If I like your music then I'd love to play it and help promote you. If you like my show then spread the word.

Reviewing policy: I'm a freelance music reviewer in my spare time and I write for the Progressive Ears website (, and I've previously written for Organ music magazine ( and for, plus many of my reviews have ended up on artists' websites too. At the end of each year I send out a countdown of the best albums of the year (IMHO) to assorted friends, radio DJs, websites and musicians. If you'd like me to review your CD please drop me a message via any of the usual routes. To get an idea of the sort of things I like and I'm likely to review please look at my friends list and my list of favourite artists. I tend to review 'new' albums, i.e. those from the current year, but I will consider reviewing older albums."

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