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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

* HELLga @Vampire Con/Hollywood

Greetings dear Fiends & FANgs!

On August 16th, I attended The First Annual Vamp Con in Hollywood, garbed as HELLga, The Devil's Beermaid, with copies of Polka Haunt Us in hand.

I am pleased to say that I garnered some great press, photo and video coverage along with some of the other characters in attendance.

Here are some highlights:

* The Vampire Convention article:

* 10 Fangtastic Vampire Con Photos on website:

* The Younger Statesmen Comedy Troupe Blog:

* The Younger Statesmen Comedy Troupe Attend Vamp Con Video:

* Renners Hollywood: Bis(s) die Kasse klingelt - Video (in German):

HELLga Photo on Wire Image

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