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Monday, February 9, 2009

* Calling All Interested Accordionists:
Veronique's 'Squeeze Moi' Project & Tour

Beret & fake cigarette optional!

Greetings mon cher Accordionistas!

I have a new project up my bony, pasty-white arm...It's tentatively entitled "Veronique's 'Squeeze Me' Tour.

Therein I shall collaborate with one local accordionist from an array of cities to create new material with each....

The dealio: Your music, my lyrics on any subject mutually acceptable. Yield: Approximately 15 to 20 minutes worth. We perform it when I am in your neck-of-the woods, most logical would be to incorporate it into one of your shows, and have me be guest artist.

I then drift along to my next stop, do the same concept with the next guy or girl, etc. Eventually the BEST of each of my duets with each different accordionist from each locale would be placed on a compilation album.

My first official victim, er, collaborator on this project is Seth Bedford of Huxley Vertical, in NYC, and I will be his guest the 8th of May @ The Triad, a tiny treasure of a boite Off-Broadway.

So things are off to an auspicious start with VSMT. Have you any interest to do this thing with moi? Can be rehearsed via mp3 exchange and phone.

I could pay a bit of a commission to facilitate your process, since I know bills don't tend to pay themselves. Don't have a huge chest, er, budget, but we would each retain 50/50 copyright, so you could shop the material around however you wish, just like I did with my collaborators on PHU.

And I would do the same with the compilation eventually, so this would GO somewhere. Not just a little cutesy hobby project, but seriously professional (fun) stuff.

I have had interest also from Mark Growden in SF and Rowan Lipkovitz in Vancouver, as well as Edrie Edrie in Boston. I'm thinking of doing a West Coast leg and an East Coast leg. Why then it'd be a two-legged tour. Ha!

Not opposed to going to the Midwest whilst I'm at it, just haven't heard any interest from that sector yet...Although I've had interest from Zap-Pascal in Paris and Wolfgang Meyer, The Riverboat man, in Berlin, so maybe I'll add Europe to the tour in 2010.

Merci beaucoup for your kind consideration. Please contact me as soon as possible so that the games may begin! Please say OUI! Whee! So WE can get started soon!

Veronique Chevalier
Lyricist, Chanteuse, & Spookstress

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