Maurice Chevalier said, "Thank Heaven for little girls," & Veronique Chevalier says, "Thank Hell for La Moi!"
She's a twisted Edith Piaf from an alternate reality; Parodist; Creatrix of Gothic Polka,
& Inventrix of Steampunk Haiku, aka "Steamku."

Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

* Archive of Volver de la Magia Radio Show Featuring Veronique


eSTEAMed Greetings once again, Chere 'Fiends' & Fan(g)s!

If vous missed the April 21st live broadcast of The Charlie Chaplin Tribute Show on Volver de la Magia Radio, here's your opportunity to take a listen at your leisure. It's in Spanish, but the music, from an array of international artistes, transcends language!

Download the episode here:

Or play it online here:

PLAYLIST PROGRAMA Nº 497 (23-04-2011)

Especial Homenaje a Charles Chaplin
122 Aniversario

Musica: Polka Dark Cabaret Steampunk, Dramatic Dark Cabaret Avant-Garde, Opera Dark Cabaret Vaudeville Circus, Romantic Ballad, Hard Rock, Neo-Cabaret, Gypsy Steampunk Dark Cabaret

1 “The Beer Hall In Hell” – VERONIQUE CHEVALIER
Album: “Polka Haunt Us”

2 “Neigung zum Nichts” – ANGIZIA
Album: “Kokon – Ein Schauring-schones Schachtelstuck”

3 “Chaplin Nonsense Song” – VAGABOND OPERA
Album: “Get the Train”

4 "Te Propongo" - SANDRO
Album: "Sandro Lo Mejor" (Argentina-1969)

5 “Just a Gigolo/ I Ain't Got Nobody"” – DAVID LEE ROTH
Album: “Crazy From the Heat” EP (USA-1985)

6 “Stuck with you” – VOLTAIRE & AMANDA PALMER
Album “Oooky Spooky”

7 “Vaudeville Voodoo” – THE GYPSY NOMADS
Album: “Happy Madness”

Monday, April 18, 2011

* Veronique's Music To Be Broadcast In Argentina!

Buenos Dias mes amis (Greetings my friends)!

MAD V is most honoured to have her music played on Argentina's "Volver de las Magia" Radio Station on Friday, April 22, 9 pm PST.

Hosts McKland and Deborah are dedicating this broadcast to the 122nd anniversary of the birth of "The Little Tramp"- beloved iconic actor/director/composer Charlie Chaplin, so I am especially honoured to be included in this show!

Please tune in and enjoy the sonic offerings, which include (but are not limited to):

Gothic/ Darkwave
Dark Cabaret/ Steampunk/ NeoCabaret Avant-Garde
Symphonic Gothic Metal
Viking Folk Pagan Metal
Neofolk/ Dark Folk/ Folk Noir/Apocalyptic Folk
New Wave/ Retro 80's & 90's
Oldies/ Notalgies/ Tango
EBM/ Dark Electro/ Industrial/Harsh
Death Rock/ Post-Punk
Celtic/ Folk Rock